Thursday, April 5, 2012


aren't you glad you don't live with this terrifying character?

ian found a huge icicle outside and he brought it in the house. that was a terrifying experience for me because if anyone is capable of stabbing you accidentally with a giant icicle, it's ian bitton. 

on an unrelated note, i took those pictures at 7:00 pm! it's getting brighter and brighter and brighter every day.  it's also been extremely warm. it's suddenly feeling like spring at -15 c every day. we keep having to leave the door wide open to avoid getting heat stroke in our apartment. on sunday i got so hot and bothered that i ended up standing outside on our deck in bare feet with my pants rolled up above my knees for about a half hour. i ended up having to go inside, though, because the blinding whiteness of my bare legs was attracting suitors of the bird-like variety. 

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  1. you must love all that natural light from the wide open doors/windows