Saturday, March 24, 2012

spring has sprung

hi warm friends. welcome to spring! i know it happened earlier this week but i still want to talk about it. to be honest, i'm a little tired of hearing about the extremely warm weather down south. at first i was happy but that happiness quickly turned into resentment and then it turned into rage. just kidding! i'm am pleased for you. 

even though it was -45 on the first day of spring and that cold weather just won't stop, it's so sunny here. the sun is beautiful and bright every day and it sticks around until late in the evening. the impact the cold has on my morale is nothing compared to the impact the darkness has. i could prance around all day in -40 as long as that sun sticks around. 

here's ian on the first day of spring:

at this point we're just counting down the days until good friday when these folks (ian's mom and dad) arrive:

yahoo! i hope they bring mittens. 

Monday, March 19, 2012


oh hey guys! it's me, the worst blogger ever. i'm sorry i'm so terrible. every day of my life i think "i should really write a blog post." but then i look around and there's nothing to write about. 

today, that changes. i got a care package! my sister ashley (who is tied for best sister ever with my other sister sandy) sent an amazing package with tons of goodies. coffee (ian), tea (me), chocolate (ian), one single sesame snap (me), and lots of other fun stuff. the most exciting part is homemade salsa! ashley and eric decided to be really cute one day and they made a big batch of salsa. i am so excited to be the proud recipient of a jar. 

here i am outside at quarter to 6 pm (!!) hanging out with my new salsa. it's -40 c but so sunny that you can't resist dancing around on your deck in your socks and t-shirt. 

here i am looking like that girl your mom forced you to hang out with in elementary school because she had a really rough time making friends and your mom and her mom know each other through work:

Monday, March 5, 2012


on saturday evening we went over to our friends jennie and jeremy's house. we gave their kids tons of kisses and then the four of us headed out for dinner. as we were walking from the deck down to the driveway to the car, i lost my footing and fell straight on my arse down the metal stairs. it was pretty funny and pretty painful. i checked my butt and my head and both were still there. sweet! i thought i was just fine until i realized that my arm was killing me. don't worry, i am just fine. i just have a rather unsightly bruise all over my forearm. 

thankfully after dinner i had a few glasses of red wine laced with ibuprofen and i was feeling juuussssttt fiiinnnneeeee. then we played dominos. 

 ian took this photo of me yesterday. today the bruise looks a lot worse so i wore a long sleeved shirt to avoid  onlookers thinking i'm a battered woman. battered women get free stuff? nevermind, i'm a terrible person. 

p.s. there's a gross hard lump in my bruise. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

cold day

yesterday it was -45 and sunny so we decided to go for a stroll. we bundled up like crazy and went on our way. 

this was as we were leaving. as you can see, i'm bundled to the max. i was wearing long johns, sweat pants, snow pants, two shirts, a long john shirt, a hoodie, my parka, two hoods, a hat and mitts. this kind of layering is really important but can get frustrating because it's heavy and gets hot. 

ian dug a hole. it was neat in there. 

here's ian taking a break before we climbed up. 

here i am getting really frustrated. the snow gets really hard so it was difficult to climb. i kept sliding down. curse you, ice!

here i am chillin' out, maxin' and relaxin' all cool. this was almost at the top where we found a neat little caverny area as a shelter from the wind. 

we made it! it was windy. 

here's ian back at home with snot coming out of his nose. he left it there for so long that it froze. 

it was a really fun day. later on i fell down some metal stairs. more on that later, though. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012


as most of you know, i'm very serious about breakfast. actually, i'm pretty serious about everything i put into my body, but i'm especially passionate about breakfast. it's such a special meal! breakfast tells your body how you're going to treat it for the rest of the day. that's why i eat the exact same breakfast every single day. most people think i'm crazy when they hear that, but i love my breakfast. i've eaten the same thing literally every day (with the exception of a few unavoidable discrepancies) for the last two years. 

do you want to know what i eat? a spinach smoothie and all bran! delicious.

first a put a few frozen berries into my magic bullet machine. you don't need very many because they're so jam packed with flava flav. 

then i add a bit of orange juice (just enough to cover the berries).

then i shove as much spinach as possible in there. seriously, i jam it in. spinach is the main event!
then i add some water on top of the spinach to make sure that the smoothie will be drinkable (instead of spoonable).
sometimes i add some ground flax seeds for good measure. when we lived in ontario i'd add plain greek yogurt every day but sadly i can't find it up here. 

then i blend it! if it's not green when it's done, there's not enough spinach in there. 

then i eat all bran. usually i eat it dry but sometimes i add a bit of milk. we don't have a lot of dairy in this household because ian is a lactard. all bran is really filling so i don't eat very much (usually less than a cup). 


Thursday, March 1, 2012


hey guys, let's get real. sometimes in the middle of the week i get so profoundly bored that i can't even muster up one thing to write a blog post about. i'm the worst! i'm all "maybe i should write about the soup i'm eating." and "do you think they want to hear about how bad i am at trimming my own bangs?" 

so, in lieu of an interesting blog post, here's a list of boring things going on in my life:

- i'm eating soup
- i'm really bad at trimming my own bangs. like...really bad. 
- our car broke and it's been in the shop for almost three weeks. at least START working on it, mechanic!
- i'm really excited for april because my favourite mother in law and my favourite father in law are coming to visit!  just thinking about it sends me into a frenzy of excitement that turns into prancing and dancing. 
- i've noticed that an abundance of people up here say "priorize" instead of "prioritize". it bothers me. 
- when i was 11 i cut my hair short so that i looked like a boy and i stopped showering. how cool is that? i'll try to find pictures. 
- i met ian for the first time when i was 15. he was wearing jeans, a jean jacket and a jean hat. he'll try to convince you that his hat wasn't made of jean material but it looked pretty jeanlicious to me.