Tuesday, May 29, 2012


those of you who have met me know that i have two sisters. you probably also know that i love my sisters a LOT. when i was much younger i used to get a bit insecure when people commented on how much i love my sisters (how much i talk about them) but then i got a bit older and realized that it's cool to like your family!

anyway, all this is to say that one of those buttheads has a birthday today!

ashley is hilarious, sweet, considerate, and empathetic. she is an amazing baker and she looks like an angel when she sleeps. she's a really good dancer and she really knows how to have a good time. she loves sushi and she doesn't let anyone boss her around. she is an extremely hard worker and she loves to take naps. above all, she's a complete hoot and she's really good at showing her love.

happy birthday asspee.

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