Wednesday, April 18, 2012


you know what's alarming? coming home to this:


especially this one. the tip of it was about a foot from my face. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


oh hey! 

today we took ian's mom and dad back to the airport and it was really sad. it would have been much sadder if it wasn't so stressful since we showed up casually to the airport a mere 30 minutes before the flight was scheduled to leave. we sauntered in like we had never heard of being an hour early for a flight before only to be told that the flight was leaving and that it was time to hurry up and get on. 

it was so so so wonderful to have bryan and sue here. we laughed so much and did tons of fun stuff. we were worried that this trip was going to be boring for them (which it was) but luckily they don't mind boring trips. 

here they are!

we did a TON of walking. this is sue and me walking safely down a steep hill. not looking like idiots, obviously. 

we ate really amazing food all week and drank lots of delicious wine. it's a good thing we walked so much. sue cooked such wonderful food the whole time and bryan did most of the cleaning up. what excellent house guests! tonight after work i laid on the couch and wondered who would make me dinner tonight. ian did it. 

we also toonik tymed! more on toonik tyme later. 

i've really been the picture of a horrible blogger the last couple of weeks. i hardly took any photos and i don't have much new material. i'm going to have to start committing crimes so i have something to write about. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012


aren't you glad you don't live with this terrifying character?

ian found a huge icicle outside and he brought it in the house. that was a terrifying experience for me because if anyone is capable of stabbing you accidentally with a giant icicle, it's ian bitton. 

on an unrelated note, i took those pictures at 7:00 pm! it's getting brighter and brighter and brighter every day.  it's also been extremely warm. it's suddenly feeling like spring at -15 c every day. we keep having to leave the door wide open to avoid getting heat stroke in our apartment. on sunday i got so hot and bothered that i ended up standing outside on our deck in bare feet with my pants rolled up above my knees for about a half hour. i ended up having to go inside, though, because the blinding whiteness of my bare legs was attracting suitors of the bird-like variety. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

eestor, meestor!

were you guys wondering which completely random thing made me break down in sobs today? don't worry, i'll tell you!

my mom sent us this package: 

the first year she did this was when i was in my first year of university and i cried then, too. even though i've gotten a little long in the tooth since then, she continues to be the sweetest mom ever by sending treats via snail mail.  

she's also hilarious. those two peeps in a small ziplock bag make me laugh every time i look at them: