Wednesday, September 14, 2011

movin' on up

it is with both excitement and terror that i announce our upcoming move to iqaluit, nunavut. the last few weeks have been a very overwhelming whirlwind of decision making, planning, packing and money spending (i'll talk more about the money later).

on august 22 i accepted a position in human resources in iqaluit and by september 8 the packers and movers were taking everything we own and putting it in a truck. i was a raccoon-ish mess watching those two middle aged portly men walk into our apartment that morning. we weren't allowed to pack any of our own stuff so i just pictured them folding my underwear one by one and putting them in a box. i'm sure that's how it happened. it takes weeks for anything to get to nunavut, so while our apartment is empty and our belongings are on their way, we're still in guelph until october 1 when we fly toronto - ottawa - iqaluit. i'll write more soon about everything we've been doing to get ready to leave. for now, i'll leave you with this picture of me wearing my canada goose jacket and one of my sorels. i wasn't willing to put the other one on because it was TOO DAMN HOT.

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