Wednesday, September 21, 2011

funny bunnies

since our belongings marched themselves to iqaluit a couple of weeks ago, ian and i have been staying with his parents (which is really great). i've also been off work for a week now so i've really been taking some time to relax. just kidding! i'm not relaxed at all!

i've mainly been making phone calls to set things up in iqaluit (internet, phone, etc.) and tying up all of the loose ends here. i made sure to have my wedding rings re-sized to take into account how cold i will be in my new home. anyway, i wanted to give a quick and incomplete idea of what it's been like financially to get ready to move to nunavut. here are some of the things we've been spending money on:

- a parka for me: $670
- snowpants for both of us: $480
- a bunch of totally random stuff from costco: $600
- clothes we'll be needing: $500

this list continues to get longer and longer. thankfully, our rent cost for a 1 bedroom apartment in iqaluit is only $2400 per month so we're laughing! just kidding, nobody is laughing about that.

i'm excited to post more once we get to nunavut. i'm especially excited to post pictures of my new black neoprene face mask. it's fun to look like a murderer when you're not one!

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