Friday, December 30, 2011

a big year

i can't believe that the world is ending in just one day! just kidding. seriously though, 2011 was a pretty great year. it was a toughie in some ways, but it was also fun and funny and fancy and friendly. 

first we celebrated a wonderful new year with all of our homies. 

then i met my snisters and a ton of wonderful friends in vancouver. we had a hoot!

then ian graduated from teacher's college! (and i finally paid up on a bet that originated in 2005)

this is where ian spent most of the summer. worth it! 

then my sisters came to visit me! are you wondering how i got stuck with brown eyes? i am too. when i was a kid, sandy and ashley tried to convince me that i was adopted. unfortunately for them, i'm not! 

we went to the cottage in early september and it was beautiful and relaxing.

then we went camping a big black bear was scared off of our campsite by an even bigger and hairier bear.

then i left a really great job and really amazing colleagues. for reals, i miss my peeps. 

then we moved to nunavut. we arrived in a snowstorm and i looked like a tool for three months wearing my canada goose coat while locals wore hoodies. now it's finally acceptable. 

thanks, first air!

some other great things about 2011:

- i didn't injure even one single toe this year! i have 10* toenails.
- two of our very best friends got into masters programs and moved to toronto (just in time for us to leave). 
- william and kate got married! what? who cares? not me. i definitely didn't get up at 4:30am to watch that shit. 
- ian turned 30. lots of other cool people had birthdays too. come to think of it, all of the cool people i know had birthdays this year! what were the chances?? happy birthday everyone. 
- two other really exciting things that i'm not allowed to talk about. 

*saying i have 10 toenails may be a bit of a stretch. let's settle on 9.5 thanks to 2010's incident.


  1. We miss you too, Jeness :) This popped up in my search for "" mentions online. When will you come back to visit us?????

  2. You drinking water, Uncle Don