Saturday, December 17, 2011

busy busy day

what a day! ian's last day of work before christmas vacation was yesterday, so today was a big day of fun. i have to admit, though, that i'm feeling a bit jealous. i have to go back to work for a whole week before my vacation starts. damn! anyway, here's what we had going on today:

here's the sun rising. this photo was taken at 10:00 am. today was the first sunny day in a while (usually it's just greyish) so it was nice!

here's the sun going down. this was about 1:30 pm. see you later, sun. it was fun while it lasted!

we drove down to apex to hang out for a while. have you ever heard of apex? it's a part of iqaluit, but it's a few kilometers down the road. the road is called 'road to apex' so if you're ever kicking around and trying to find it, don't worry. you'll find it. anyway, apex is where mainly inuit people lived when iqaluit was a military site. it's basically just a very small neighbourhood. 

here i am in this boat. i was going to sit down but it was cold and i didn't want to get you-know-whats. you know what, right?

here's one of the husdon's bay company buildings. it's on the beach in apex. there's another one next door to it.

here i am as an elf. i was helping with the city of iqaluit's kids christmas party earlier and it was a real hoot and a half. i was a very popular elf in a giant elf suit. 

now we're watching elf! i think this is what it feels like to have come full circle. 

please don't judge the one strand of popcorn on our tree. i'm trying to get the gusto to finish the popcorn stringing but it's messy and my fingers get greasy! 


  1. Hahha I love this post!! And you are a sexy Elf ;)

  2. Look at-chew!!! Cute elf for suresies. We watched Elf last night--has to be my fave.

    As for stringing the popcorn, you're not supposed to butter it first, hee hee.