Monday, August 20, 2012

iceberg, right ahead!

have you ever wondered if you've heard someone say the words "iceberg, right ahead!" a-la-titanic enough times in your life? if your name is ian bitton, the answer would be no. on saturday we flew back to iqaluit from our month long vacation in ontario and what a sight this place is! the wind is blowing in an unusual way, so thousands of icebergs have come into the bay from the ocean. yesterday we went out to explore. 

iceberg, right ahead!

after a little while, we got chatting with some clam diggers. they told us that the wind and icebergs brought in a polar bear over by the causeway. so we went on a polar bear hunt!

here's ian at the causeway, on polar bear watch:

sadly we didn't find the bear.

after the causeway, we went down by the beach to climb on the 'bergs. they're really close together so it's surprisingly hard to find a path to walk through. i can't imagine being in a boat out there. all of the ice is actually quite inconvenient for people waiting for things on the sealift boats. the first barge came in early july but since then all of the boats have been delayed. they're thinking that each boat will be delayed about a month because of that dang ice. 


it was 4 degrees and misting/raining when we walked around so it didn't feel great after a month in 30 degree weather. just kidding, it felt nice to not have a sweat-stache for once. 

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