Sunday, August 19, 2012

sandy's buttday

here we are! august 13. the wonderful day on which my sister sandy was born (30 years ago!). 

oh wait, am i not fooling anyone? i know, it's august 19. i'm the worst! i just hate my blog. but i absolutely do NOT hate my biggest sister sandy. she's so big! i wonder at what age it becomes a bit taboo to refer to someone as "big" like that. my feeling is that it's always okay under two circumstances:

1. they're not fat, and 
2. they're your big giant sister. 

anyway, all this is to say that last monday sandy turned 30. yahoo!

sandy is the funniest person i know. she's sweet and loyal and very good at investigating. she's an amazing writer and she loves pizza. sandy is both the glue that sticks our family together and the boss of all of us. she's witty and kids love her. she loves exploring and nobody (i mean nobody) knows how to panic about timbit flavours like she does. oh, and she's pregnant too! 

here she is on the right not wearing pants:

here we are just a few weeks ago:

happy birthday, cindy.


  1. gurl, you make me giggle like none other. i'm so happy you're my teeny tiny little baby sister. and equally happy that your baby belly is bigger than mine, soooo...who's the big sister NOW?

    p.s. pants are overrated.

    p.p.s. nay, they aren't. i can't get enough of pants.

    p.p.p.s. i used to think that this stood for "please please please see".

  2. I loved this post! I also Love Sandy! I have so many fun memories of her like how much i loved her bangs, her messy bun hair style and sleeping in a bath tub with her at silver lake. She is da bomb