Sunday, October 2, 2011

the journey up

we're here!

on saturday we woke up at 3:30 am and went to the airport in toronto. we got on our flight to ottawa but after about 45 minutes of chilling on board we were told that there were some problems with one of the engines and that they were canceling the flight. dang! i was upset, but then i realized that i didn't want to die in an airplane crash so i then was thankful. air canada then put us on a new flight that was leaving about an hour later. the only problem with this was that it meant we would no longer be able to make our ottawa to iqaluit flight. double dang! after a few tears (there was a baby on our flight) (just kidding, i was the baby), we ended up in an ottawa hotel for the night.

here's ian being relaxed like a normal person.

here we are watching wizard (a hotel tradition, apparently).

we were lucky to have dinner in the byward market with my friend colleen who we haven't seen since our wedding in 2009. wahoo! this morning we got up at 6:00 am and got our booties to the airport. we got to our gate and were told that because of snow in iqaluit, the flight may end up landing in rankin inlet and we'd give it another go tomorrow (feel free to look at rankin inlet on a map. it is NOT on the way to iqaluit). this time i was drinking a smoothie so i was as cool as a cuke. we got on the flight and noticed that there were only about 10-15 rows of seats and then this wall:

when one of the flight attendants went through that cute tiny door on the left, ian noticed that the second half of the plane was full of cargo. i thought that was neat, but maybe it's boring. sorry! i'm new to blogging. aaaaanyway, the flight was great and we were very thankful to make it to iqaluit instead of stinky ol' rankin inlet. just kidding, rankin inlet! i couldn't believe how cloudy it was throughout the entire flight. even when the wheels came out you couldn't see anything. i waited and waited while staring out the window for my first glimpse of the tundra.

the pilot landed like a pro. it was snowing and windy windy but very beautiful. the airport was a zoo. it's tiny and the two flights that come in every day come in at the same time. it was a little bit overwhelming but the rest of the day made up for it. i'll write more about that later. for now, here are a few more photos.

the landing.

the yellow airport!

this awesome thing happened when we landed.


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