Saturday, January 21, 2012

life in a tropical paradise

you guys - an EXTREMELY exciting thing happened today. ian found a coconut at the grocery store!! sometimes it's difficult just to find a banana or an apple to purchase, so a coconut is a pretty huge deal. he brought it home and i immediately was ready to put on my bathing suit and sunglasses. i was so excited that i couldn't decide whether to eat it right away or to save it for a few days or just to stare at it with great expectations. 

about a half hour ago we decided it was time. 

yahoo! where am i? mexico?!

first we tried the coconut water. it tasted like salt. 

then this series of events happened:

unfortunately the coconut was disgusting. 

the end.


  1. Noooo! So weird that they'd ship coconuts up there... How much was it? You looked so happy :(

    One more week and I'll come knock on your door...

  2. It was actually pretty cheap - only around $3 so we'll try again. The problem is that since everything comes up by plane, things often freeze on the way and then they thaw when they arrive. Some (most) fruits and veggies don't like that.

  3. Aw, so sorry it tasted awful! I would miss fresh produce too, so understand your excitement. I've had the similar luck down here in the States though, but with avocados that are shipped in from places much farther south... they might look gorgeous, but ick, the inside is striped with black and def no good.

  4. Bahaha I laughed out loud!!! P.s. nice sweater :)

  5. Oh that's not too bad then, at least you guys didn't waste $30 or something on it. I'm glad to know that at least there are veggies up there haha, I'll be making a lot of soup :s

    One week today! Leaving Toronto at freaking 7AM =\