Saturday, January 7, 2012


are you in the mood to be really unenthused? and i mean really unenthused. i'd like to introduce you to the building i work in. 

this is city hall! it's also the fire hall. 

this is the front of the building. as you can see, if there's a fire or if you need an ambulance there's no use calling 911. there's no such thing as 911 up here. you call 979-4422 for fire or ambulance and 979-1111 for rcmp (get it? 9-1111?)

this is my entrance (the left side of the building if you're looking at the pictures above). it's also the entrance to the arena. 

city hall was obviously built during the days when windows were out of style. i imagine it went like this:

"please build us a city hall with windows."
 "you want to be warm and to be able to see outside? oh no no, we can't do that." 
"ah yes, good point. then please go ahead and build an off-white igloo-style box with two or three ship/airplane windows"
"can do!"

unfortunately my office is not one of the lucky ones with a window in it but it's always dark outside anyway so it's really not an issue. 

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  1. awesome work building. and good call about the windows. if you don't have one to look out, you'll never remember that it's dark all the time. same with me and the airport here, you'd think i could see outside but i can't. no complaints!
    you should show us the inside and your office and your coworkers and what you eat for lunch and what it looks like when it comes out!! jk.