Saturday, January 28, 2012

some boring pictures

honeeeeyyyys, i'm hoooome! 

i got home yesterday from my trip to yellowknife. it was very very busy but i was able to have a bit of fun, thankfully. i was there for work so during the days i was busy and not able to go outside while it was light. that was a real bummer. here are some photos:

this was the view from my hotel room. trees!!

here i am outside with the northern lights! just kidding, that's just another photo of what i think may or may not be something pretty in the northwest territories. 


one thing that was really great was the weather. it was so nice and warm! on wednesday it was only -9! i was surprised by how hot i was, though. i was sweating like crazy walking around outside. 

now i'm back in my very chilly home. wahoo!


  1. Chilly? It's -15! It's warm! :) Drove by your house today, but I didn't know which one it was exactly.

  2. I feel like a stalker now... :s

  3. When I got home on Friday it was definitely not -15! It's warm now. Enjoy it while it lasts! You're here! Very exciting. I bet you're exhausted. Did you take a tour of the city? Let's hang out soon.

  4. I just caught up on your last few blogs, and the coconut pictures made me laugh out loud. It's also good to know you've got the moves like Jagger. Caleb likes to walk into a room singing that right now, so you guys can jam together when you get back.