Monday, January 16, 2012

relaxing all cool

hey! i hope you all had a good weekend. i sure did. on friday morning ian and i got up and did our hair and put our makeup on as usual, when suddenly the phone rang. it was work telling me that this: had happened and that all city and GN offices were closed. after doing some celebratory air punches and kicks, i called everyone else in my department and put my feet up like a professional relaxer. ian, like the good teacher he is, got into the car and drove to school only to return a half hour later. his phone tree failed him. schools were closed too! 

now, i don't want to pretend that this was all fun and games. it's really terrible how much water we lost and a lot of people worked all night and all day to fix the problem. we had to boil our water all day friday and saturday because of a risk of contaminants. it was really nice to have friday off, though (with the exception of one meeting that i snuck out to in the afternoon). 

yesterday was a blizzardy day and blizzard-like conditions were due to carry over until this evening. ian found out this morning that he had the morning off again! what a lucky guy. i had to go to work like a chump. the blizzard never really happened today, so ian has to go back after lunch this afternoon. what a treat, though. 

on saturday night i went out with some of my lady friends to the legion and i found out very quickly that i indeed have got the moves like jagger.


  1. Bonus days off sound like a real treat for sure. The title of this post reminded me of a joke a friend sent me recently:

    How do you find Will Smith in the snow?

    Look for fresh prints

    Miss you guys and hope your water is back to being non-contaminated!


  2. 20 million liters! That's crazy -- wonder what could have caused that. I wonder how they get more water fast? Where does it come from? Snow?