Monday, February 6, 2012


happy february, everyone! 

brrrr. it was cold today. after work i took this photo and all of my fingers and toes fell off because it's so cold. 

in other news, i don't have a lot of blog content in my life right now. here are some boring things that are happening:

- we bought a humidifier! i keep putting my face on it to give myself a facial. hopefully it will reverse the accelerated aging process that nunavut has inflicted upon my face. currently i get the seniors discount at north mart but i'm willing to give that up.

- i think i'm getting a stye on my left eye. i'm currently warm-compressing as a precautionary measure. what two words do you think they put together to create the word "stye"? i'm thinking 'stink' and 'eye' because of that neat way the eye swells up and shuts a little bit giving the impression that you're giving the stink eye. 

- next week ian has nunavut teachers' association conference here in iqaluit. david suzuki will be here. jealous? i am.

- work is stressful.

- the big bang theory is a terrible show and i'm sick of people telling me that it's funny because it's NOT. 


  1. "- the big bang theory is a terrible show and i'm sick of people telling me that it's funny because it's NOT."

    Thank goodness someone put this out there! This may be the first time in the history of the internet. So many times I've found myself smiling and nodding politely when someone's like "Oh that show is hiLARious," or "those nerds are so cool" . . . . but secretly I'm giving them a mean stye. Thanks for exposing that show for what it is (bad), oh, and the Nunavut stuff too. Ian, please give my regards to Mr. Dr. Suzuki.


  2. Hello Ian and Jenessa! I am Fariba from Toronto. Ian Knows me. We were at Tyndale on the same prgoram (BED). I got your website today by Tyndale Alumni eNewsletter. I read your writings and blog. It is sooooo interesting to me because definitely life there is totally different than life in Toronto. You started a quite new and challenging journey there. I wish the best for both of you. I already saw most provinces in Canada maybe one day I will see the North too.

    take care and enjoy your special life!

  3. Janessa I so enjoy hearing from you when you blog. I love it!!! You are a funny girl. Emily Last

  4. JENESSA when am I going to meet you in person, damn it! I didn't know Dr. Suzuki was going to be here. I'm flying away to Yellowknife cause I have no place to stay because of this damn conference ugh... And because it just so happens that the NIRB and NWB and other acronyms are gathering there for an IPG meeting. I feel so cool knowing all these random acronyms. Not.

    Anyway, I'm hoping to get some bewze in Yellowknife cause I'm tots running on empty, maybe we could get together for drinks in my transient housing when I am back? Lmao.

    Awesome picture btw. You're a pro. I'm currently waiting for it to download completely. Give it 15 mins. It's too bad you use a Nikon... :P

  5. please don't tell david suzuki that i worked in the oil sands. please.