Friday, February 17, 2012


those of you who know me know that i'm a no nonsense kind of gal. just kidding, you know that i'm all nonsense except that when it comes to sleeping, i have a very strict weeknight bedtime rule. i always go to bed at 10:00 pm. i love going to sleep early! the only thing that's on tv at that time is law & order svu or some other depressing shit anyway. 

the moral of this story is that last night we went out on the town and we didn't get home until 1:30 am. i was rollin with my homies (name! that! reference!) and having a hoot. ian kept being a good husband and reminding me that i had to get up for work today and that maybe it was time to go. i wasn't having any of it, though.

today i am very tired.

p.s. sorry for being an absentee blogger lately. i'll post again later.