Tuesday, February 21, 2012

valentine's day

hi friendly neighbours! want to hear about our valentine's day?

ian and i don't typically do anything for valentine's day. neither of us thinks it's a day worth doing anything for, but we also agree that going on and on about why valentine's day is annoying is stupid and even more annoying. we get it, it's a hallmark holiday. yes, people should be romantic every day. that's enough, everyone. 

this year i had a really important and stressful meeting at 6:00 pm on valentine's day. i spent a lot of time and energy preparing for it and it exhausted me. at about noon that day i decided that i really wanted pancakes for dinner so that's what we did. how romantic!

this one turned out burnt. 

don't worry, we were both this grumpy.

then, as the piece de resistance (if you will), ian peeled me this grapefruit and birthed the fruit from the compartments. as you can imagine, it took a really long time. best husband!

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  1. I asked Dan if he could peel and compartmentalize grapefruit for me the other day (like that beauty you got there) and he laughed at me (a cruel "in your dreams" kind of laugh). So I proceeded to do it myself, and got grapefruit juice in my eye, since as you know, it's a real bitch to dig into one of those things. I also missed a lot of the meat. Moral of the story: Dan should peel me grapefruits like Ian does for you.