Friday, February 24, 2012

miss you, childhood

the other day i received an order from sephora (very exciting) and it brought me right back to my youth. it wasn't so much the items i ordered that brought on the nostalgia, but the samples! i received three little glass vials of perfume and it was a real blast from the past. my sisters and i used to go into department stores with our mom and she'd let us take home the free perfume samples that the severely made-up saleswomen offered her. i used to keep a little pile of them in my underwear drawer (pretty sexy move for a kid) and every once in a while i'd decide to smell like an old woman. i'd open one of the vials carefully and dab it on one of my wrists, rub it against my other wrist, and then rub both of my wrists against my neck. sometimes i'd proceed to use two or three of the other scents i had in there to mix it up (smart). 

my sisters and i had a really fun time growing up. my parents did a really good job at letting us have fun and we learned to appreciate each other at a pretty young age. they let us make fun of each other, play outside a lot, have friends over, punch each other, and they even let us be in spelling bees. sometimes we'd do routines. if you're a girl, you know that "doing a routine" is what's up. 

there's ash-man and me doing a routine.

there's sando calrissian and me wearing regular outfits on a regular day. 

there's my sweet mum being a sweet mum with sandy. 


  1. How lovely to read these childhood memories! So glad you recall your childhood with such fondness. I will never forget all of the routines! Remember the dress-up box in the basement? But I must correct something re: letting you make fun of each other. Don't you remember "rude is never funny"?

    Love you and miss you. XO

    1. Yes, I absolutely recall being told (and to this day, still being told) that "rude is never funny". Please remind yourself of our response to that statement ("mom, rude is ALWAYS funny"). Rude is seriously always funny.

      Love you.

  2. I loved those little vials of perfume! I didn't get them on my own, sadly, but I loved sneaking into my mom's room and dabbing it on my wrists then dabbing my wrists on my neck. I'm sure my sneakiness was busted though cause those samples were pungent!