Monday, March 5, 2012


on saturday evening we went over to our friends jennie and jeremy's house. we gave their kids tons of kisses and then the four of us headed out for dinner. as we were walking from the deck down to the driveway to the car, i lost my footing and fell straight on my arse down the metal stairs. it was pretty funny and pretty painful. i checked my butt and my head and both were still there. sweet! i thought i was just fine until i realized that my arm was killing me. don't worry, i am just fine. i just have a rather unsightly bruise all over my forearm. 

thankfully after dinner i had a few glasses of red wine laced with ibuprofen and i was feeling juuussssttt fiiinnnneeeee. then we played dominos. 

 ian took this photo of me yesterday. today the bruise looks a lot worse so i wore a long sleeved shirt to avoid  onlookers thinking i'm a battered woman. battered women get free stuff? nevermind, i'm a terrible person. 

p.s. there's a gross hard lump in my bruise. 


  1. alert! major uprising in district forearm!

  2. Didn't you have a massive fire there last week? Isn't that noteworthy?

  3. Jenessa! I saw Ian today at the post office. That's Ian 2, Jenessa 0 random appearances. I think it'll be weird if we bump into each other one of these days...

    Btw, I finally have my own place and it has a sweet view of the bay, you should come by one of these days...