Saturday, March 3, 2012


as most of you know, i'm very serious about breakfast. actually, i'm pretty serious about everything i put into my body, but i'm especially passionate about breakfast. it's such a special meal! breakfast tells your body how you're going to treat it for the rest of the day. that's why i eat the exact same breakfast every single day. most people think i'm crazy when they hear that, but i love my breakfast. i've eaten the same thing literally every day (with the exception of a few unavoidable discrepancies) for the last two years. 

do you want to know what i eat? a spinach smoothie and all bran! delicious.

first a put a few frozen berries into my magic bullet machine. you don't need very many because they're so jam packed with flava flav. 

then i add a bit of orange juice (just enough to cover the berries).

then i shove as much spinach as possible in there. seriously, i jam it in. spinach is the main event!
then i add some water on top of the spinach to make sure that the smoothie will be drinkable (instead of spoonable).
sometimes i add some ground flax seeds for good measure. when we lived in ontario i'd add plain greek yogurt every day but sadly i can't find it up here. 

then i blend it! if it's not green when it's done, there's not enough spinach in there. 

then i eat all bran. usually i eat it dry but sometimes i add a bit of milk. we don't have a lot of dairy in this household because ian is a lactard. all bran is really filling so i don't eat very much (usually less than a cup). 


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  1. Oh my word, how you crack me up! I miss you and your sweet face. Well, maybe not the sweet face depicted here, but you get my drift.
    We think about you guys all the time... Ella says hi and sends a hug and kiss - some of her kisses are pretty sloppy lately, so you may need a Kleenex xox