Thursday, March 1, 2012


hey guys, let's get real. sometimes in the middle of the week i get so profoundly bored that i can't even muster up one thing to write a blog post about. i'm the worst! i'm all "maybe i should write about the soup i'm eating." and "do you think they want to hear about how bad i am at trimming my own bangs?" 

so, in lieu of an interesting blog post, here's a list of boring things going on in my life:

- i'm eating soup
- i'm really bad at trimming my own bangs. like...really bad. 
- our car broke and it's been in the shop for almost three weeks. at least START working on it, mechanic!
- i'm really excited for april because my favourite mother in law and my favourite father in law are coming to visit!  just thinking about it sends me into a frenzy of excitement that turns into prancing and dancing. 
- i've noticed that an abundance of people up here say "priorize" instead of "prioritize". it bothers me. 
- when i was 11 i cut my hair short so that i looked like a boy and i stopped showering. how cool is that? i'll try to find pictures. 
- i met ian for the first time when i was 15. he was wearing jeans, a jean jacket and a jean hat. he'll try to convince you that his hat wasn't made of jean material but it looked pretty jeanlicious to me. 


  1. ling lrs out of wds is the new bk.

    and p.s. i never would have gotten in the car with ian if his hat had been made of denim. my threshold for canadian tuxedos was already being pushed to the limits. fyi.

  2. Great post - talking about boring things does seem to make them less boring. A note on denim: in Tweed and Orillia, two of the greatest places on earth, people who wear two or more pieces of jean are referred to as Double Denim Duo Deluxe. The alliteration really seems so shout, 'whoa, that's a lot of jean'.

    In solidarity, here's a few boring things about life in Orillia:

    -last night I hung out for a bit with a fly in my apartment. He was one of those weirdo flies that somehow miraculously manages to triumphantly survive the harsh winter. So I opened the window - he flew out and probably died. Such a clueless fly.

    -I measured a window today because I needed to. Then I measured a few other things for no reason at all. Well, it urns out the plant in the hall at my work is 4'8. I know what you're thinking and, yes, that is pretty tall for a plant.