Monday, March 19, 2012


oh hey guys! it's me, the worst blogger ever. i'm sorry i'm so terrible. every day of my life i think "i should really write a blog post." but then i look around and there's nothing to write about. 

today, that changes. i got a care package! my sister ashley (who is tied for best sister ever with my other sister sandy) sent an amazing package with tons of goodies. coffee (ian), tea (me), chocolate (ian), one single sesame snap (me), and lots of other fun stuff. the most exciting part is homemade salsa! ashley and eric decided to be really cute one day and they made a big batch of salsa. i am so excited to be the proud recipient of a jar. 

here i am outside at quarter to 6 pm (!!) hanging out with my new salsa. it's -40 c but so sunny that you can't resist dancing around on your deck in your socks and t-shirt. 

here i am looking like that girl your mom forced you to hang out with in elementary school because she had a really rough time making friends and your mom and her mom know each other through work:


  1. Hi cutie!

    OK, who was that girl??

  2. Jenessa, that last paragraph made me laugh out loud so loudly that I'm writing out the entire phrase instead of it's popular abbreviation.