Saturday, March 24, 2012

spring has sprung

hi warm friends. welcome to spring! i know it happened earlier this week but i still want to talk about it. to be honest, i'm a little tired of hearing about the extremely warm weather down south. at first i was happy but that happiness quickly turned into resentment and then it turned into rage. just kidding! i'm am pleased for you. 

even though it was -45 on the first day of spring and that cold weather just won't stop, it's so sunny here. the sun is beautiful and bright every day and it sticks around until late in the evening. the impact the cold has on my morale is nothing compared to the impact the darkness has. i could prance around all day in -40 as long as that sun sticks around. 

here's ian on the first day of spring:

at this point we're just counting down the days until good friday when these folks (ian's mom and dad) arrive:

yahoo! i hope they bring mittens. 

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