Saturday, October 15, 2011


last weekend we went for a walk in our backyard. it was windy and cold but totally worth it. as i've said before, we live on the road to nowhere. there isn't anything built up behind where we live - it's pure tundraaaa!

i took this from the first hill we climbed. i almost lost my life a few times because it was so slippery.

ian found berries! then he ate one. 

i looked up from taking that picture of the berries and there was ian, winning a race i didn't know was happening. dang! what a scoundrel. 

this crazy rocky tundra just goes on and on and on. that road you see there is the road to nowhere. it ends not too far from there. 

like a true surveyor, ian found a survey monument. hoorayyyyyyy.


"hey! look at this tall moss! take a picture of how tall this moss is!"


  1. Dan just sent me your site, keep writing.
    Uncle Don, Ian you must be old enough to call me Don without the wrath of your mother.

  2. I'm loving these pics and tales of the new frontier!