Saturday, October 15, 2011

pricey pricey

today was a BEAUTIFUL day in grand ol' iqaluit. it was only -1 and it was hardly windy at all. ian and i went on a long walk all over the city. it was so nice out that i started regretting wearing long johnnies. we started our walk by going to ian's school. actually, we started our walk by going toward ian's school and then walking back to the apartment because ian forgot his wallet. anyway, the school that ian teaches at has a really amazing view of the sea. we walked down toward the water and then did a big loop toward downtown.

luckily, we found ourselves at the top of a hill looking down at the buildings downtown. you can see a lot of the most popular buildings in iqaluit in the picture below. you can see the bright yellow airport on the left at the edge of town. the white square building that looks like an ice burg below the airport is one of the schools. the roundy pointy building to the right of the school is a church. city hall is hidden but i'll take some pictures soon and post them. 

we ended up going to the museum and it was very neat. inuit tradition is so beautiful and interesting. after the museum we got some groceries. since i had the camera, i thought i'd give you an idea of some of the prices for groceries around here. 

$39.14 for a smallish pumpkin! we saw one for $50 last week but it wasn't there anymore so...apparently someone was willing to pay that.

margarine! good thing we don't eat this shit.

we used to drink orange juice. now the plan is just to bite the bullet and get scurvy. 

$21.99 for the smallest box of tide you can get. ughghghg. 

i put the camera away at this point because i was getting some looks re: taking pictures of groceries. 


  1. wow.. those are some scary prices Jenessa... I bet it made you miss home...