Friday, October 28, 2011

serious stuff

hey you guys, let's talk. i really miss my family and friends! i was trying to think of ways to avoid talking about this on my blog because i know you'll all cry and cry when you picture us up here shivering and pouting because we miss our people but i wanted to be honest. FULL disclosure. i pick my nose! okay wait, i'll dial it back on the disclosure.

we do really like it up here, but it feels lonely. time has been crawling by in a way that affects my morale a little bit. i was thinking of making a list of all of the things i miss but then i realized that if i had done that i probably would have finished the list off by marching to the airport and flying home. just kidding! anyway, i decided to make a list of the things that i like about iqaluit. here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

- the view
- our apartment
- living beside the ocean
- friendly people
- inuktitut
- all of the cute kids everywhere
- ??

okay i'll work on the list. tomorrow we're going to do some exploring and we'll take lots of pictures. then i'll do lots of creepy things because it's halloweeeeeeeen!


  1. Andria Jones BittonOctober 29, 2011 at 7:02 PM

    We love and miss you too Jenessa :)

  2. yes yes yessy we sure do miss you nessyness, and i think i try to say something that i like about fort mac almost everyday, so much that i am annoying these guys. but it's good for the soul to when you miss your people.

  3. I miss you too, lovely.

    I know you picked your nose from a selection I presented you with at birth. You were wise to pick a little one.

    Are you going trick or treating tonight?

    Happy empty hotdog, and I hope you meet some nice people there!


  4. #1 - Nose picking - What about the brain damage you warned me about?

    #2 - Keep focusing on your list, it will make things more (polar)bearable.

    I'll call you this week! Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I've got something for your list; Inuit Throat Singing! I saw it on the T.V. It's very cool. Now all you have to do is convince a local to sing for you every day. :) Miss you guys!

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