Tuesday, October 25, 2011

dark dark dark

hi friends! sorry i've been such a bad blogger. i really have to blame the internet. we now pay $120/month for 10 gigs of internet. for those of you who don't know how much 10 gigs of internet is, it's really not a lot. 10 gigs is an appropriate amount of internet for someone who doesn't really understand what "the big deal with the internet" is. it's like being given 10 bites of spaghetti per month. for $120.

anyway, it's starting to get dark really early here. yesterday i left work at about 5:10 and it was already dark.

seriously! 5:00pm!

here's a random photo i took last week when we went on that long walk. this is right behind the school ian teaches at. i'm jealous of his view every day. the view from my office is four very lovely beige walls. ian's going to write a post with some pictures he took at school last week. spoiler alert! the photos are awesome.

in other news, we bought a car! huzzah! i think the car will help us not feel so alone. wait, did i say "us"? i meant me. ian is much less dramatic than i am. picture me sitting in our apartment rocking back and forth brushing a small strand of my own hair over and over and over. that's how fun it is to live in nunavut! just kidding, it's funner than that creepy scenario. we keep having to spend money on taxis to get groceries, etc. and we're sick of it! cabs are $6 per person to go anywhere in iqaluit. we got a good deal on a fancy little suzuki. today i'm going to get my nunavut license picture taken. wish me luck! 

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