Wednesday, October 12, 2011


well well well, look who came crawwwwwwling back to her own blog. sorry! we just finally got the internerd in our apartment. it takes a very long time to get things going 'round these parts. it's very slow internet and we pay $87/month for 5 gigs but it's totally worth it! saying "it's totally worth it" helps with the pain. "$7 for a small container of spinach?? WORTH IT!"

anyhoo, things are going well here. both ian and i are getting used to our new jobs. ian is teaching grade 7 and his school is about a 15 minute walk from our apartment. i work at city hall which is about 20 minutes downhill in the morning. i haven't walked home yet but it's veerrryy much uphill so we'll see how that goes. whoever said the tundra is flat is truly misinformed. truly misinformed indeed. our possessions finally arrived last thursday so we were able to move into our apartment! here are some photos.

this here be our apartment building. yarrr. it's the red one on the left. there are four buildings like this in a row. red blue red blue. they're very new buildings (not even really finished) and very nice on the inside. 

here's ian eating a coleslaw sandwich before the movers arrived. "coleslaw sandwich??" you say? "why yes, a coleslaw sandwich." i say. 
i've had a glass of wine. 

here i am feeling very overwhelmed by the boxes. eughgh. moving sucks. 

here's our view if you're staring straight ahead from our balcony (why do we have a balcony? i don't know). If you go down that road you'll get to ian's school. actually, if you look extremely closely just to the right of the telephone pole and just to the left of the top of the red house that's behind the greenish beige house (is this annoying? yes.) you'll see a bright green roof. that's the school that ian teaches at. 

here's the view to the left. we live on the road to nowhere so if you go left down that road it literally goes nowhere. 

here's the view to the right. if you go down that road it goes straight downtown. "downtown". the body of water right across the street is a little lakey thing. the body of water a bit farther away is the sea. 

we don't have any friends yet, but i have big plans to go stand on the streets to ask people if they're looking for extra friends. wish me luck! 


  1. Absolutely great to see your postings and pictures, and thanks for sending the link. I've heard that those giant birds make good pets but you do have to hang on to your belongings as they are thieves foremost, friends take second seat. You're learning a new language, I see...not just the native, but new terms that are not common in this area. I was wondering what a "sealift" was. Thanks for explaining. I hope you continue explaining...!!
    All the best from all of us here at BSR&D. And...I think I'll never complain about the weather here again, because it much worse!
    Post your mailing address when you get a chance, eh?

  2. Great to see more pics and more stories. Your belongings arrived in good time--I thought it would take much longer. Your apartment looks really nice, at least on the inside. Brand new fancy-dancy fridge!! Love you. XO