Monday, November 7, 2011


hello loyal friends! thanks for coming back for more. i thought i'd post some more photos of our adventure last week. after we drove to the end of the boring road to nowhere, we did some more exploring. iqaluit has a lot of cool nature to look at. although i really miss trees, it's nice to live somewhere with very high coolness-visibility. sometimes it's like having x-ray vision. 

here is a picture of the sea. 

this is also the sea.

we ended up going to sylvia grinnell park (a provincial park) and roaming around. remember that time ian beat me in a race i didn't know i was participating in? payback alert! i totally rocked this race. 

after we explored the park, we drove past the landfill (i took pictures but i don't know if i'm going to post them. the landfill is really sad and stressful) to the old breakwater. well, i'm pretty sure it was the old one. there's the "old breakwater" and the "new breakwater". either way, we were hanging out on a breakwater and looking out on the bay. 

ian spotted a seal! unfortunately it had been bludgeoned to death and tied to a rock. he kept touching it and poking it. i was all "???" and "let's go!" but ian insisted on making friends with it. he took some very close up photos that make me barf. 

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  1. i'm feeling really sad about this seal jeness. dan says that it's probably some kids that did it, because perhaps that's all they have to do up there to keep busy? is that a terrible stereotypical generalization? i hope so. he saved himself by saying that maybe it washed up dead? i don't know the truth, but i know this must've been really hard for you to see. how very sad.