Friday, November 4, 2011

road to nowhere

last saturday we spent the day exploring and galavanting around the country side. it was a very beautiful, sunny and cold day. the first thing we did was drive all the way to the end of our street. the road ends about 4 km from our apartment. since we arrived here a month ago i've been really curious about what's at the end of the road to nowhere. nothing? a body of water? a family of bunnies with top hats? nope. 

here's a lake that is on the road to nowhere but not at the end. all of the lakes are frozen over at this point but the bay hasn't frozen yet. 

these big giant rocks marked the end of the road. 

ian noticed right away that there were about 1 million bullets casings scattered along the ground. i was confused and a bit alarmed by this. "why would people be hunting right here?" i thought to myself. 

surprise! the mystery at the end of the road to nowhere is a shooting range. boring. 

here's my reaction to how anticlimactic this was. 


  1. Haaahaha, better than finding dead bodies though.

  2. Not as sinister as you hoped? Glad you figured it out. I wonder why you haven't heard the shooting. There's a shooting range near Derbs and it can get quite noisy.

  3. they probably have those crazy silencers that they screw on and kill people and hide the bodies. sorry i'll stop watching movies with three boy roommates