Sunday, November 27, 2011

sea ice!

it has been EXTREMELY cold in iqaluit over the last week or so and there were lots of very interesting and cool things happening to the bay. there was misty mist rising from the water as it began to freeze. today we went down to the beach and i was very surprised to see that it's really really frozen! 

it was neat to see how chunky it was along the edges. the tide is out in these photos so the ice is all jagged and otherworldly. 

those dogs wanted to kill us and that raven was getting ready to eat us. 

look what we found! a very very very huge bone! i heard that it's one of the bones from the bowhead whale that was caught near iqaluit in august ( the bowhead whale catch was a pretty huge deal since (as you can read in the article) bowhead whale hunting had been off limits for decades until a few different communities were granted permits to hunt this year. there are a lot of extremely cool things about the way the whale meat was harvested. it was shared with the entire community and EVERYTHING was used (including the bones). something that i thought was really neat is that nobody is allowed to sell bowhead whale meat - it has to be shared. so nice! 

something happened to this house. i'm not sure what. ian said it looks like a fire. ??


  1. my guess is a fire. since they'd have to hose it all down, the water would freeze and look all crazy like that probs. also, karaazaay about the huge bone! you should take it home and make soup.