Friday, November 11, 2011

honey, i'm home!

oh hey, do you guys want to know what a loser i am? last friday i went aaaaalllll the way back to ontario for work and i forgot the camera! doy. i was just too excited to bring any of the important things that i needed. don't worry, though, i did remember to bring an empty suitcase (that i happened to bring back filled with 70 lbs of things. THINGS! how can i resist things?!).

i had a really wonderful weekend in guelph seeing lots of friends and family. i even got to go to TWO birthday parties (!) and i was able to kiss my sweet nieces over and over. unfortunately they were both sick so i didn't do myself any favours. after family dinner on sunday night, my very nice father in law drove me to toronto where i did some work things and i also got to see some more of my favourite people. it was all fun and games until i left my hotel for the airport at 4:00 am on wednesday. i hate you, 4:00 am! i was very glad to come home, though. the apartment was filled with ian's tears.

now there's a blizzard outside. tonight the winds are supposed to get up to 100km/h. yikesy. we're going to brave it to go to a games night. worth it!


  1. miss you so much! your stay was too short, my friend.
    chris and i think you're the cat's meow (princess)

  2. I hope part of your 70 lbs of things was drinking water....see