Monday, November 21, 2011

monday?! more like funday.

just kidding! today isn't fun. we did have a very fun weekend, though. 

on friday night we had some friends over for some drinks and snacks before we all headed out to the legion. the legion! what a hoot! the legion here in iqaluit is not like any legion i've been to before. for example, before we left we were warned that we may have to stand in line outside. this confused me because i half expected to walk in and see a bingo game or a seniors aerobics class happening. not so, friends. not so. 

thankfully we didn't have to stand in line. after we checked our parkas, we headed left into the "quiet lounge" where the band we went to see was playing. we found seats and got drinks (i had a coors light like a very classy lady). the band was AMAZING. no, seriously. they were so so so good. not only that, but during their set breaks we got to hear live throat singing. !! ian is very lucky to live with me because i have been officially practising throat signing non-stop since that night. 

at one point during all of the singing and dancing, i looked across the room and suddenly realized that i was staring at a guy i went to high school with! what were the chances? we also lived on the same street as each other for many years. so, that was really neat.

after the band finished playing, the group we came with started to dissipate slowly. where were all of our friends going? oh, i'll tell you where they were going. they were going to the other side. the non-quiet area. at this point it was approaching midnight and i had to get home FAST to put up my orthodics and take off my compression stockings, but we did step into the non-quiet area for a few minutes. let me tell you - it was not quiet. it was very dark and there was lots of dancing happening. there was a dj who was blasting some heavy bass tunes. it was like electric circus (just kidding. but seriously, i wish!). 

then we went home and i fell asleep on the couch. the end! 


  1. Hi guys!
    The legion. Wow! It was THE place to go when I was touring Iqaluit in the 70's. Spent many an evening in that place. Love your blog, Jenessa. Take care - Dennis & Linda

  2. Sounds like a wild social life there! So tell me, who did you see from high school?

    By the way, I'm back on the same continent as you!


  3. Great post Jenessa but if I may draw attention to the child's post from Ian's class!? Is that a journal or a creative writing exercise? If it's the former you could totally go on an old fashion ghost hunt. Zoiks!


  4. Throat singing good. Ghosts bad.

  5. ELECTRIC CIRCUS!!!! YES!!! way back play back.