Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ridin' dirty

last week we got our new car! yahoo! it's not new new, but it's new to us. when we decided to move to iqaluit we figured that we wouldn't need a vehicle up here. boy were we wrong! there was some talk of a snowmobile but every time ian would bring it up, for some reason i was filled with rage. i don't like snowmobiles! i don't want to own one! they're stupid! driving fast outside in the cold just makes you colder! other things! i realize that i was being a bit crazy but i still don't want one. instead we bought a warm car with an inside that you can sit in. the heat only works if it's on full blast. jackpot!

get a load of this guy! driving around on the tundra like it's no biggie.

here's our polar bear. 

it's very nice to have a car again. now that i'm not walking to and from work anymore, ian gets to witness my amazing high kicks and roundhouses for indoor exercise. lucky guy. 


  1. Yay Jenessa! So exciting. I'm glad you have an inside to sit in. You deserve it. And your license plate is wicked cool. (that still means something good, right?)

  2. Is that the for-real licence plate? For real?


  3. Jenessa! Sue just sent me the link to your blog. The place looks exquisite and I envy you the beauty and adventure of it. Love to you both! Sandy